Prof. Dr. Ni Lar Thein Rector of UCSY, Myanmar (public enemy)by Ma Thadar

There is one case at University of Computer Science, Hlaing Campus. There is one training which is organized by JICA and JICA selects a few candidate from staffs of Ministry of Science and Technology. One candidate from this training course did post about swing flu at Internet. The news is already published into Seven Eleven journal. Her attention is just to spread the knowledge of Swing Flu and dont intend to scare to public. The intention is very simple and noble. But unfortunately, she got a problem because of this post. The post was seen by Doctor Nila Thein (also famous for “Thone thein Ta thoung” in Myanmar). “Thone thein” means the three sister of Daw Nila Thein, Daw Thandar Thein and Daw Yadanar Thein and “Ta thoung” stands for Minister U Thaung who advised Than Shwe to rule. She report this case to Minister and draw this case to politics. Now the staff who did this post is under investigation and probably terminate the course and transfered to country side.

There was also a case she did badly to staff. Last year there is a vote of YES/NO for elecation. There were a few staffs voting NO to this. Daw Nila Thein listed those staffs voted NO and reported to Junta. You can imagine what happen to those staffs. What we want to say is that we should get rid of this public enemy Daw Nila Thein as soon as possible. One day, we should bring out this criminal to court and should purnish to her.

If you get any information of Daw Nila Thein, please share to public and bring out for Truth.

Lets Fight All public enemy!!!!!

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