CULTURE MONSTER:See Shepard Fairey’s latest campaign poster -DASSK


These days, every political movement needs a logo, and who better to supply the hip revolutionary imagery than street artist Shepard Fairey, whose poster of Obama (“Hope”) became a cultural phenomenon unto itself — a Warholian meta-event that combined fashion, hipsterism and a political call to action.

Fairey has been bogged down with legal problems in recent weeks, but he’s apparently found time to lend his creativity to another cause. Burmese dissident Aung San Suu Kyi is a human rights activist who has fought for years against the repressive regime of dictator Than Shwe. The Nobel Peace Prize-winning activist has been under house arrest for several years now, but that hasn’t stopped her from campaigning with her political party, the National League for Democracy. In the last election, her party won a majority of seats in the Myanmar parliament but the ruling party has refused to let the winners take their seats. continue

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