Norwegian champion Martin Haug Schilde after winning the South Pole race against Great Britain plants for the first time in history the flag of the Karen people of Burma at the South Pole! Martin Haug Schilde a close friend of Colonel NERDAH MYA,leder of the the Karen Rebells,carried the flag 2475 kilometers on skies with him.

Karen Flag Flies at South Pole

It was norwegian Roald Amundsen who 1911 found as the first human being the Sout Pole in a race with the Briton Scott who died during the race.

The race started at last Christmas end ended at the first week of February.

Temperature at the Southpole was at the time of arrival- 40 degress.

The Norwegian Martin Haug Schilde will through his flag planting reminded the world of the Burmese fight for democracy.

see video

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