KWO Thank You Letter and update information to Friends and Supporters-the situation in No Boe is improving. The families are not forced to go back anymore.

Karen Women Organization
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KWO Thank You Letter and update information to Friends and Supporters
Date: June 22, 2009

Dear friends and supporters,
Thank you for your effort in trying to stop the repatriation of Karen families by local Thai
authorities in Tha Song Yang district, Tak province in Thailand.

Your cooperation and hard work has had positive results. This morning KWO received news
that the situation in No Boe is improving. The families are not forced to go back anymore.
The local Thai Army leader, who administers the areas, has been removed.

The Karen leader of the group in No Boe is now allowed to enter the area where the new
arrivals are based. Yesterday he was stopped by Thai army and was not allowed to monitor
the situation in the No Boe site.

Villagers are feeling better and are relieved to now have access to adequate food rations,
without any restrictions by the Thai authorities. Villagers and leaders asked the Thai
authorities and UNHCR if they could have a place to settle down before the situation in their
areas is better.

It is understood that UNHCR has already talked with the Thai authorities on this matter. The
Thai authorities have agreed to find an area for the villagers to settle until there is a better
KWO is really appreciate to take this opportunity to thank the Thai government for their
quick responded and sympathy that they showed on our people by allowing newly arrived
families to take temporary refuge in Thailand.

We also gave our heartfelt thanks to all of the groups and people who tried very hard to
advocate the Thai government on the issue concerns by KWO.

KWO again would like to thank every individual and organization for giving your time and
energy to help our people. The solidarity of all of us has had a great impact on the situation
on the ground and brings hope to the people. We appreciate your support and look forward to working with you more.

In Solidarity,

Dah Eh Kler
Karen Women Organization

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