A Birthday Gift for *Ma Ma Aung San Suu Kyi – A Song -“NOW SHE’S 64” by Dr.Law posted by Feraya

“NOW SHE’S 64” by Dr.Law

Sing to tune of the Beatles’ “When I’m 64″

(First Verse)
There is a Lady whom we all love,
Sitting all alone….
In an awful cell inside of **”Moscow Jail,”
Our dear Lady wasting away….

She’s house-arrested for 13 years
Now there’s 5 more years
Will they release her? Will they still keep her?
Now She’s 64

(First Chorus)
In the year of ’88 she led the way to demonstrate
For Freedom for ***Our Cause.
She was almost kil—led…..
All the Ethnic groups give sup-port: Shan, Ka-ren, and More

(Second Verse)
She could have gone back to the UK
To her sons and friends.
Settle down to write a book and go reti(re)
Live in comfort, get her some rest.

But She will not, She’s in for a trial,
And She’s not a-fraid !
Who can defend Her? who can befriend Her?
Now She’s 64.
In 2003 there was a cruel massacre with-in ****Depayin Town
She was almost kil—led…..
But those mur-der-ers all went free
While she was in jail.

(Third Verse)
*****S-P-D-C is very smart,
They’ll keep her in jail
While they rape and kill the Ethnic villagers:
Chin, Ka-ren, Mon, Shan and Rakhaing

Let’s go out and all demonstrate
We can’t tolerate
It’s getting so long, it’s getting too long
Now She’s 64!


*Ma Ma in Burmese means Elder Sister, not mother which is
May May. Pronounced in a very brief short stacatto, ma!. ma!.
— not like the long-drawn out Maaa maaa as in English or Chinese.

**Moscow is the common derisive nickname for that insane Insein Jail.

***”Our Cause,” in Burmese, is “Doh!. A-Yay!”, a historical
rousing battle cry against the SPDC dictatorship for over
a quarter-century, just like the Iranians’ “Death to the

****Depa-yin is pronounced a kind of like “deeper” and “in”
Thousands of SPDC thugs ambushed and killed about a hundred of
Ms. ASSK’s followers on 30 May 2003 but the case was hushed up by
the dictatorship.

*****SPDC supposedly stands for State Peace and Developmental
Council, but a US Senator felt that it stood for Secret Police.
Others have suggested Satanic or Sadistic, Putrid Dictator Criminal
But my interpretation is Sadistic Puppet Dictator of China.
It is because of China’s support of SPDC that these war crimes have
gone on for so long.

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