Update TBBC 16.June:The number of new arrivals in Thailand is now estimated to be 3,197, according to the Royal Thai Government (RTG).

New arrivals in Tha Song Yang District, Thailand, due to conflict in Karen State
TBBC have earlier reported that an increased number of people have fled to Thailand, following several
days of shelling and fighting between armed groups in Karen state, Burma.
A majority of the people who have fled to Thailand, mostly women and children, were residents of Ler Per
Her IDP camp in Karen State. New arrivals are located in Tha Song Yang District, north of Mae Sot.
According to reports from local village leaders, around 4000 persons have been displaced due to the
conflict. The number of new arrivals in Thailand is now estimated to be 3,197, according to the Royal Thai
Government (RTG). This does however not reflect the total number of new arrivals, as some people are
hiding in the jungle area.
RTG has assigned 3-4 official holding sites in the area that will be assisted by the Thai authorities.

TBBC is still receiving reports of shelling and fighting between the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army –
affiliated with the Burmese army (DKBA ) and Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) in the border area.
Seven mortar shells launched by DKBA and the Burmese Army have also landed on the Thai side of the
border, which has caused a number of Thai villagers to relocate to Nuh Bo temple area (as per advice of
Thai Military). The Thai Army, Border Police and other local authority are monitoring the situation closely.
RTG confirmed on Monday 15th June the presence of visible fighting and recognised that it is clear that
people are fleeing form fighting, and that people are unable to go back under present conditions.

In coordination with other aid agencies, UNHCR and Thai Ministry of Interior ,TBBC will provide basic food
assistance to the affected people until the situation becomes clearer whether people will stay at current locations,
go back to their homes or be relocated inside Thailand. TBBC is also providing plastic sheeting, and other
necessary items, such as blankets..
The most urgent needs are currently latrines, medicines and mobile health personnel, according to RTG.
TBBC have not received any reports about major outbreaks of diseases, but Tha Song Yang Public Health
representatives confirm that there are a few cases of Malaria. Other health agencies are supporting a
Vector Control Campaign and immunisation and malnutrition programmes.

The local communities are used to dealing with this kind of emergency situation, hence, the capacity on the
ground is already well developed which facilities relief efforts. Still, the situation remains difficult for many of
the people, especially for those hiding in the jungle or sheltering under plastic sheeting as it is the rainy

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New arrivals fleeing military attacks in Karen State


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