a Junta editorialist writing under the name Kyaw Ye Min said the “KNU issue…

… will come to an end” if Thailand follows China’s lead and practices a policy of non-interference in Myanmar. The editorial said the KNU’s refusal to make peace was because “remnant KNU members are aided and abetted … [at] KNU stations under the name of refugee camps” in Thailand.“There remain only a handful of KNU remnants and they are taking shelter at the so-called refugee camps in [Thailand],” he wrote. “Then, they frequently leave their camps, secretly enter Myanmar and wage guerrilla attacks.”

“Such unnecessary issue takes place in none of the borders Myanmar shares with other neighbouring countries. The root cause of issues on [internally displaced persons] and refugees in the Thai-Myanmar border is that [Thailand] accept and let the problems keep on taking place.” The statement came a week after fighting between Tatmadaw-controlled forces and KNU guerrillas close to Ler Per Her camp in eastern Kayin State forced thousands of IDPs to flee across the border and into Thailand.

The New Light of Myanmar said Myanmar’s current relationship with Thailand was under “unprecedented” strain and Thailand is no longer “a good neighbouring country”.

“Though the relations between Thailand and Myanmar were good during the time of the former [Thai] prime minister, at present the relations between the two countries are under strain which had been unprecedented in the history,” Kyaw Ye Min wrote.

Kyaw Ye Min is brainwashed

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