Many Chin parents cannot afford to send their children to school so they admit them to the Children’s Orphanages in Chin state, western Burma.

The Director of Nazareth Children’s Orphanage Home said that there were more children in the home this year in Falam town.

“We give priority to orphans. Second come poor children from remote areas. We have admitted new children from 20 households this year. We have paid all their school fees and food expenses. They are attending government schools from here. We are sponsoring them to attend school,” he said.

The home is providing education, food and lodging for the children. It is a good shelter for poor students and children from remote areas. Most villagers therefore approach the home to educate their children.

There are two children’s orphanages – the Nazareth and Agape in Falam town. These support children with financial help from volunteer donors. They cannot accept too many children. Normally the average a year is 50 in Nazareth and 30 in the Agape home.

Nazareth home is now preparing to construct a new building for 100 children as the number of children is increasing every year.

“We spend Kyat 2 lakhs for 50 children per month in our home. School education is more expensive than their food as we have been providing all requirements from elementary school up to the collage level. Now we have five college going students in our home,” he added.

The Nazareth Children’s Home was established in 1995 and now it has about 55 children and 10 staff members in Falam town.

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