STATEMENT FOR (DKBA)-The Karen Monk Union of Thai Burma Border

The Karen Monk Union of Thai Burma Border
Date: 11-06-2009
1. Around the world may aware that from the first of week of June, 2009 up to now, DKBA, under the pressure of SPDC, has started a major operation intensively with many kinds of weapons to our mother territory of KNU, Brigade 7, Pa-an District.

2. We do believe that this is actually a kind of genocide to all our karen to fight against each other that the military Junta always try to uproot to all of us intentionally.

3. As a result, the two sides of many soldiers were killed and many were deadly injured. Even now thousands of innocent villagers were displaced and moved along to the Thai Burma border in great deal of troubles, insufficient foods, settle, help and so on. This is nothing but military Junta to achieve obviously such a great deal of benefits.

4. Even though the different views, the different opinions we have; traditionally, culturally, naturally we are the same purpose for free and fair of our karen people identically.

5. Therefore, we strongly request to DKBA that you should backward to stop the fire immediately in order to the good of all our people as the same feature of us. If you still ignore these bad conditions, we’re surely there won’t be any good result for our people but the military Junta.

The Karen Monk Union
Thai Burma Border

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