Burmese maid was shot in the kitchen of her Thai house owner.

Burmese House Maid Found Dead
Wednesday, 10 June 2009 10:25
Main-1 According to the Thairat and Daily News newspapers, a Burmese maid was shot in the kitchen of her Thai house owner. Ma Tin, the 17 year old victim, was working at 4376, Laphalaun 101, Bankapi, Bangkok when she was shot and killed at around 11 pm on the 7th of June.
The house guard heard the gun shot and ran to ring the house bell. Karnananukit, the 56-year old female host, came out and they went into the kitchen together, where they then found her dead body with a 2 mm pistol, three bullet shells.
Karnan said to the police, “I didn’t hear the gun shot because I was in the bathroom. We gave her the gun so that she can protect herself in case of emergency and we are away.” The husband of Karnan was a retired officer from the Thai army. Wan Chai, the criminal investigator, said, “We’re trying to find out the truth here.”
According to the Thairat article, Ma Tin had been working at Karnan’s house for six years, but the Daily News said that she worked at her employer’s house for only two years. The body has already been sent to the hospital for further investigation. A human rights organization is also looking into the case in order to find out the victim’s address in Burma and any other useful infomation to help solve the case.
A similar situation occurred in June 2002, another Burmese maid by the name of Ma Soe, was burnt and killed by her Thai employer. The crime took two years to solve, but eventually her employer was arrested. Many Burmese women who come and work as house maids in Thailand, are often faced with grave dangers of sexual and other forms of abuse, violence, exploitation, and are often totally isolated from the outside world.

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