Request your participation for a Global Day of Action for Karen and Arakanese in Indian Zoya Phan

Request your participation for a Global Day of Action for Karen and Arakanese in Indian jail.

Dear people from Burma and support groups,

We are organizing a global day of action on 22nd June 2009 to call for the immediate release of the Karen and Arakanese prisoners in India jail. This action is organized by the Karen Community Association- UK (KCA-UK) together with Arakanese Community in UK and supported by the Burma Campaign UK.

In London, there will be a demonstration in front of the Indian High Commission from 12-1pm and a letter to the Indian Prime Minister will be delivered that day.
We would like to request your help to take an action on that day by your organization to organise a demonstration in front of Indian Embassy in your own country
34 members of Karen and Arakanese freedom fighters are currently held in Kolkata ‘s presidency jail in India. These freedom fighters have been arrested since 1998 then betrayed by an Indian military intelligence. An Indian military intelligence officer who had offered them co-operation and lured them to India then accused them of terrorism. The Indian officer took a huge amount of money from the freedom fighters and killed six of their leaders in cold blood and arrested the rest of them.
They were in the jail without trial for 8 years, and the trial now has been going on for 2 years. The new session begins on 22 of June 2009. If found guilty, they could be jailed for many more years and could be deported where they could face persecution by the Burma Military Regime.

Please join us for this Global Day of Action to raise our voices for the immediate release of those freedom fighters, and let them know that they are not alone and we are supporting from everywhere in the world. They have struggled and took their part to free Burma from Regime and now is the time for us to struggle to get them out from jail. No matter where we are from and how big or small action we can take, our voices calling for the release of freedom fighters will be will be heard.

We know that Indian government does care about international pressure. Our Karen and Arakanese friends don’t deserve to be in jail. It is India’s military intelligence officer who betrayed them. They should be released immediately.

Please let us know your action so that we can publicise it in the international medias.
For more information please contact May Pearl Tun at or Zoya Phan at

Many thanks,

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