KNU Statement on SPDC-DKBA Combined Forces’ Offensive


KNU Statement on SPDC-DKBA Combined Forces’ OffensiveShare
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KNU Statement on SPDC-DKBA Combined Forces’ Offensive

June 8, 2009

1. The KNU has met with successive regimes in power for resolution of the civil war peacefully by political means, though it has been leading armed resistance for more than 60 years.
2. In the early part of 2009, the SPDC made an overture, through the Thai government, for resolution of conflict by peaceful means with armed organizations based along the Thai-Burma border. The KNU, on the basis of equality and mutual respect, made known through the Thai government, its willingness to undertake resolution of problems through political dialogue.
3. For the resolution of armed conflict through political negotiation, the KNU has consistently urged the SPDC, the regime in power, to create politically conducive atmosphere, and show sincerity and goodwill.
4. Up to this day, instead of decrease, there has been an increase in military attacks and various forms of human rights violations against the local Karen populations in the KNU areas, by the SPDC troops, according to their plan of expanding area of control. Similarly, the SPDC is putting Daw Su on trial for further incarceration of her, rejecting calls for release of all political prisoners and suppressing severely the legal activities of political parties and organizations.
5. Towards the end of last May, in accordance with the SPDC plan of transforming the DKBA troops into Border Guard Force, villages in the KNU areas have been ordered to send their quota of recruits to the DKBA forces.
6. In early June, thousands of villagers, who did not want to serve as DKBA soldiers, came fleeing for refuge to Lerber Herr IDP Camp, which had had a population of 1,300.
7. On June 3, when thousands of combined DKBA and SPDC troops approached Lerber Herr IDP Camp, clashes broke with the KNLA troops and over 3,000 Karen villagers had to cross into Thai territory for refuge.
8. Keeping the DKBA troops in front and carrying out military attacks by the SPDC against the Karen people like enemies, as it is, amounts to rejecting the necessity for national reconciliation and resolving, by peaceful means, the problem of civil war.
9. For that reason, we request, the international NGOs, the Karen people at home and abroad, and human rights protection organizations to provide, without delay, emergency assistance necessary for more than 3,000 Lerber Herr IDPs.
10. We, the KNU, earnestly urge the United Nations, the international communities, the regional and neighboring countries to concertedly pressure the SPDC for immediate acceptance of tri-partite dialogue process, for resolving the political and military conflicts in the country.

Central Executive Committee
Karen National Union

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