The Thai Army yesterday sent more heavy weapons, including mortars, into border areas near the fighting, on the orders of Third Region Army commander Lt-General Thanongsak Apirakyothin.

The mortars were installed in Tak’s Tha Song Yang district to fire warning shots against any stray shells from the Burmese side of the border.

The commander said Thailand would take progressive measures in reaction to any violation of sovereignty.

Thanongsak yesterday visited a military unit in Tha Song Yang district and saw 458 war refugees there.

He was briefed by local officials that 1,714 refugees had arrived and more were expected.

The general instructed officers to work with administrative officials to take good care of the refugees, most of whom are children and elderly people, though it is expected that if the battle becomes intense young adults will follow.

The Burmese factor in Thai-Sino relations

By Kavi Chongkittavorn
The Nation
Published on June 8, 2009

WHILE THE TRIAL of Aung San Suu Kyi was delayed, Burma has been acting with alacrity in the past few days with a two-pronged offensive – to disrupt the Thai-Burma border, and to drive a wedge in Thai-Chinese cooperation on Burma.

The attacks on the Karen National Union along the Thai-Burma border beginning last week fit in with the pattern established in the past two decades. These onslaughts will cause concern among the Thai security forces about the influx of refugees and disrupt border trade. Indeed, they were timed to create maximum chaos among Thai decision-makers. This armed offensive, part of the comprehensive Burmese national defence strategy against Thailand, has been used time and again with satisfying success due to the predictable responses of the Thai armed forces and bureaucracy.

Whenever assertive Thai diplomacy towards Burma is in the making – this time around the Abhisit government’s attitude was the case in point – the porous Thai-Burmese border immediately turns into a conflict zone. Then, Rangoon’s additional pressure would be placed on trade and energy sectors.

The border attacks on minority groups would follow after wide-publicity of comments made by Thai officials or politicians on the negative impact if Thai-Burmese relations were disrupted. After May 19, Rangoon did exactly that. The Burmese junta-controlled media have been criticising Thailand both as the Asean chair and as its Western neighbour for violating the non-interference principle. None of them have ever questioned their government’s commitment and compliance to the Asean Charter or being part of the grouping’s collective responsibility. Continue reading “The Burmese factor in Thai-Sino relations”

Zoya Pan,daughter of Pado Mahn Sha -Appeal For Refugees From Pa’an District, Karen State-Phan Foundation Launches Appeal for Refugees From New Military Attacks

Appeal For Refugees From Pa’an District, Karen State
07 Jun 2009


Phan Foundation Launches Appeal for Refugees From New Military Attacks
The Phan Foundation has launched an appeal for the four-thousand people in Pa’an District, Karen State, who have fled their homes in the face on a new military offensive by the Burmese dictatorship and its allies. Another four-thousand people living in the area could also be forced to abandon their homes and flee for their lives.
Thousands of people are fleeing from a new military offensive in Karen State, Burma. They run with their families, carrying only a few personal belongings, fearing for their lives. Some are hiding in Burma, while others have fled across the river into Thailand. They are camped in the rain on the banks of the river, with no proper shelter, and little food.
Food, shelter, clothing and medical care are urgently needed. It is the rainy season and people do not have proper shelter in heavy rain.
The Phan Foundation is supporting local Karen organisations who are there on the ground delivering life-saving assistance. Please make a donation today to help provide food, shelter and medicine to these vulnerable people. You can donate online, from any country in the world and in any currency, using a credit or debit card at
The majority of those who have fled are children and the elderly. Some of the people now running for their lives have already had to flee their homes several times before. You can view pictures online at:
“I know from first-hand experience how scared these people will be, and how desperately they need help,” said Bwa Bwa Phan, Founder and Director of the Phan Foundation. “Parents will wonder how they can feed and clothe their children, we can provide them with the basics they need to survive.” Bwa Bwa Phan visited Ler Per Her camp for Internally Displaced People earlier this year. All 1,200 people who were in the camp have been forced to flee.
Donation can be made online at, or send a cheque made payable to Phan Foundation to: Paán Appeal, Phan Foundation, 28 Charles Square, London, N1 6HT.