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National Democratic Front anniversary-Statement on 33rd anniversary of NDF foundation en

May 11, 2009

Statement on 33rd anniversary of NDF foundation

The ethnic national leaders have established the NDF with the aim of realizing the noble objectives of equality, self-determination and the establishment of federal union of Burma based on democracy. They have been struggling on for more than 3 decades and the 33rd Anniversary of foundation of the NDF falls on today, May 10, 2009. We, the NDF, always pay great respect and place on record the sacrifice of lives and limbs made by many heroic members of ethnic populations, resistance leaders and comrades in the course of 33 years of struggle.
In spite of pressure by the ethnic, democratic and international forces for dialogue and change through peaceful means, the SPDC military clique continues to perpetrate heinous crimes of using large scale military offensives against the innocent ethnic civilians, sowing dissension among us by various means, giving long prison terms to political, human rights and humanitarian activists, and siphoning off aid given to Cyclone Nargis victims.
We will never accept attempt by the SPDC military clique to hold election in 2010 based on the 2008 constitution, which was drafted and adopted by force in order to perpetuate the rule of evil fascist military dictatorship. On the other hand, we will continue to struggle on with higher momentum definitely, in accordance with programs, laid down at the NDF 7th Congress, of opposing the 2008 constitution and the military clique’s elections, consolidating ethnic unity and national reconciliation, and raising momentum of the just war of resistance.
It is especially necessary for us to note that the SPDC military clique is trying to disarm nefariously the ceasefire groups by pressuring them to reduce their armed strength and transform into border police force, even when there is still no political guarantee for the rights of the ethnic nationalities.
We will support politically the “Shwegondaing Statement” issued by the NLD recently as it contains a process in which the two sides can participate for finding solutions to the problems. We again call on the SPDC military clique to establish nationwide ceasefire, to unconditionally release all political prisoners including Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, U Tin Oo and Khun Tun Oo, and to enter into dialogue with all political forces of the country.
In conclusion, we solemnly issue this statement and make a pledge, on the occasion of the 33rd Anniversary of the foundation of NDF, to struggle on in unity with other revolutionary and democratic forces, until the fruit of national democratic revolution is gained.

“Victory through Alliance”

The Central Executive Committee
National Democratic Front
May 10, 2009
Media contact
Chairman: (66) 087 207 9296
General Secretary: (66) 086 206 4045

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