Shwegondaing Declaration by BDC english Translation

National League for Democracy (NLD) Declaration on 29 April 2009

Today at 18:41
National League for Democracy

97B – West Shwegondaing Street,
Bahan Township, Rangoon
April 29, 2009
Shwegondaing Declaration

We the members of the National League for Democracy (NLD) including the Central Executive Committee, representatives of State and Division organizational committees, the Members of Parliament- elect still standing with the NLD, representatives of the Central Women’s Affairs Committee, representatives of the Youth Affaires implementation Committee gathered on the 28th and 29th of April 2009 in the meeting hall of the Head Quarter of the NLD on West Shwegondaing Street and held discussions on the political and organizational Situations and the analytical report regarding the Constitution with the aim to resolve all the political impasse in striving to build up the Union of Burma as a democratic state in accordance with the inspiration of all the people.

This Shwegondaing Declaration is issued to inform the people as the agreement of the majority was obtained through these discussions for the plan to create a fair climate for the evolvement of a dialogue which is the best means for resolving the above impasse.

The NLD believes that the current political problems facing the country such as
􀂃 The immediate and unconditional release of all the political prisoners including U Tin Oo, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi;
􀂃 Review of the Constitution;
􀂃 Establishment of a genuine Union based on the principle of equality for all the ethnic nationalities; recognition in some ways of the result of the 1990 general election; are the main issues to he resolved immediately for the benefit of the country and the people.

The stands of the League are:

(a) Unconditional Release of All the Political Prisoners including U Tin Oo and Daw Aung San Su Kyi

(b) Review of the Draft Constitution (2008)

A State Constitution based on the democratic principles is required to establish a democratic state – The not yet in force Constitution (2008) of the State Peace and
Development Council contains provisions which are not in accord with democratic principles. Therefore the emergence of a Constitution which is acceptable to all the people including the ethnic nationalities is urgently required.

(c) Organization in this Union of Burma where all the ethnic nationalities live together, a unity based on the principles of equal opportunity and mutual good will must be established. Genuine democracy can flourish only on such a fertile ground. Furthermore, all the political parties must have the freedom to organize. Therefore, the offices of the State! Divisional and Township Organization Committees which were closed and sealed since May 31 2003, said to be a temporary measure, should be reopened immediately together with those of the parties of ethnic nationalities.

(d) Recognition of the result of the Multi Party Democracy General Election (1990)
At the present recognition in some way of the People’s Parliament, which is the outcome of the 1990 elections, is urgently needed in accordance with the Section 3 of the People’s Parliament Election law. Only then the democratic traditions can be maintained. Otherwise the State Peace and Development would seem to be breaching their own laws and regulations enacted by themselves.

(e) Political Dialogue

The NLD has been constantly striving for finding solution through political dialogue since 1988. Daw Aung San Su Kyi, the General Secretary of the NLD has candidly stated the fact that she can work with flexible approach according to the political necessity as follows: “We have repeatedly stated that the NLD would negotiate flexibly to get beneficial outcomes for the people of Burma. Nevertheless such dialogues should not aim for the good of the NLD nor should they aim for the benefit of the authorities. Only the interests of the people of Burma should be targeted.”

Therefore, the NLD requests again with pure intention that the dialogues that can resolve all the problems be carried out without fail. The agenda of the dialogue envisaged by the League is as follows:

(1) Unconditional dialogue participated by the decision makers should be commenced immediately based on the principles of mutual respects and national reconciliation.

(2) During the dialogues the issues of provision of equal opportunities for the ethnic nationalities: the unconditional release of all political prisoners including U Tin Oo and Daw Aung San Su Kyi: review of the Constitution (2008); recognition in some way of the People’s Parliament which is the result of 1990 election; issues of the elections of the future: development of the living condition of the people etc shall be considered.

(3) To arrange to recognize the result of the 1990 elections by approving the result of the dialogues at the People’s Parliament which is to be formed according to the People’s Parliament Election Law.

(4) All the stake holders to follow unitedly the political course for the future delineated by the agreements of the dialogue as adopted by the People’s Parliament.

(f) Attitude towards the Possible Future Elections

The NLD firmly believes that enduring political stability and the development of the country could be achieved only by resolving the fundamental problems mentioned above.

The people shall be informed what will be its stand if the State Peace and Development Council -uni-laterally hold upcoming elections at their own arrangement, without considering to resolve through dialogue.

The League accepts that elections are the landmarks to be passed in the journey to democracy. The NLD will not abandon the struggle for democracy. The League will stand by the people in all circumstances.

Therefore if the State Peace and Development Council unilaterally hold possible upcoming elections with their own plan and if:

(1) All the political prisoners including the leaders of the NLD were unconditionally released,

(2) The provisions of the (2008) Constitution which are not in accord with the democratic principles were amended,

(3) All inclusive free and fair general election were held under international supervision:

The National League for Democracy, through this Shwegondaing Declaration, states that, anticipating for the realization of the benefit of the whole people, it intends to participate in the elections only after gravely considering as a special case and after studying the coming Party Registration Act and the Laws relating to the Elections.

As per the resolution made at the meeting of the Central Executive Committee held on 29 April 2009

Central Executive Committee
National League for Democracy

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