Shan Human Right Report monthly April

For virtually five decades, since around the end of the 1950s up to the present, the people of Shan State have been subjected to brutal treatment by the troops of the Burmese military, continually sent to Shan State on various premises in increasing numbers over the decades but never withdrawn.
There were only a few Burmese army battalions in Shan State during the 1950s and early 1960s, but there are now around 200 battalions all over it. The Burmese army have been behaving like an occupying force and treating the people like their enemies and have never been reluctant to use brutal means to subjugate them.
Extrajudicial killing, rape, severe beating, torture and many other types of gross human rights violations committed by the Burmese troops against the people, especially the rural communities, have become common occurrences all over Shan State.
The Burmese troops have also systematically mandated the people to serve the military with their free labour and have never hesitated to brutally punish those who failed to do so.
Since over a decade ago, after the Burmese troops have been required to generate their own income, various types of extortion, stealing and outright banditry have become widespread practices as the troops squeezed the people to get what they wanted.
All these are currently seen being illegally and forcibly done by an illegitimate Burmese military regime. However, before long, the regime may be able to legitimize all these – its rule and all its deeds – by winning the election, based on its own constitution, which it intends to hold in 2010.
The most alarming thing is that the regime seems to be ready to do almost anything to win the election.

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