The Statement by the Secretary-General of ASEAN on the Outbreak of Swine Influenza

ASEAN Secretariat, 27 April 2009

Over the weekend, governments and health authorities worldwide went on the alert brought about by outbreaks of Swine Influenza in humans. With several human deaths confirmed in Mexico and a number of confirmed cases in the United States, the World Health Organization declared this situation a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.

ASEAN Member States are now intensifying surveillance, coordinating and collaborating in the sharing of pertinent information, raising public awareness and taking necessary precautionary public health measures.

ASEAN Member States are better prepared now following the experience from recent SARS and avian influenza outbreaks. ASEAN has the existing mechanisms and networks for strengthening preparedness and response to a possible pandemic. Key initiatives such as the establishment of the ASEAN Technical Working Group on Pandemic Preparedness and Response, ASEAN Communication and Integration Strategy, Minimum Standards for Joint Outbreak Investigation and Response, and the Non-Health Indicators for Pandemic Preparedness and Response will be contributory to addressing the current threats of an influenza pandemic.

should better public awareness for Burmese political prisoners…

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