Tibetan prisoners paraded to intimidate residents, monks arrested in Kardze

Phayul[Wednesday, April 15, 2009 16:09]
Dharamsala April 15 – The Chinese authorities in Kardze paraded 15 Tibetan political prisoners in the streets to intimidate the residents, Gelong, a monk of Sera monastery in south India, told Phayul.

The incident took place on April 5 in Kardze where Tibetans arrested earlier for protest demonstrations and refusing to farm were paraded in an army truck followed by armed security forces in about 20 other vehicles. The Tibetan prisoners had their heads shaven, their hands and legs chained at the parade that is aimed to frighten the Tibetans in the area, said Gelong.

The authorities announced through a loudspeaker that anybody who protested the Chinese government would face similar consequences.

Out of the fifteen, 3 have been identified as Jampa Dhondup, aged 27; Taphel, 56; and Tsering Wangrap; 42.

In another incident, 5 monks of Tsitsang monastery in Kardze have been arrested on April 1, according to the Trehor community based here. Chinese security forces ransacked the monastery and took away 5 monks on arbitrary charges, said a press release of the Trehor community. One of them has been identified as Sonam Nyima, administrative member of the monastery.

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