Dangerous traditional medicines still being bought and sold Mon State

Fri 10 Apr 2009, Ruby Mon
Two brands of traditional Burmese medicine have been found to contain arsenic and are now considered unsafe for human consumption, according to a public warning made by Burma’s Ministry of Health.

The two brands are Daw Tway and the children’s medicine, Daw Kyin. However, despite the warning being made through state media outlets, including Myanma Alin newspaper, some members of the public in Mon State appear to be unaware of the announcement and are continuing to buy and sell the brands.

“If these kinds of drugs are dangerous then I didn’t hear about it. I’m still selling one of them in my shop and people are still buying it. I sell the children’s medicine, Daw Kyin but I’ve never seen the other one, Daw Tway,” said a shopkeeper and mother of three from Mudon Township.

A pregnant midwife and mother of two, also from Mudon, said, “At our monthly meeting no-one talked about these drugs. I’ve never used them but I did hear on the state radio station that they contained something dangerous.”

Two phone owners in Mawlamyine contacted by IMNA said they hadn’t heard about the warning but didn’t use the medicines anyway. However, a female phone owner in Konlar ( check in from No land to Farm) village, Mudon Township, who was also unaware of the public warning, said that people were still buying the children’s medicine there.

Traditional Burmese medicine is cheaper than prescription drugs and more popular in poor rural areas than in towns and cities.

Village headman sells confiscated land in Ye Township

Fri 10 Apr 2009, Tala Lawi, Akar
The headman of Klaw village, Ye Township has been selling land which was confiscated from former residents to use as building plots. Preferential treatment has been given to richer residents of the villages who are willing to pay higher prices for plots in the best locations.

The 200 acre site was confiscated after the three former owners left the village in 2006. They had been told to give up their land the previous year as it was needed for a village extension. The land has now been divided into 100 building plots which were originally advertised by the headman at a price of 0.5 million Kyat per plot. However, he later told a better off resident that a good plot by the main road was available for 5 million Kyat. Continue reading “Village headman sells confiscated land in Ye Township”

Nearly 500 Burmese soldiers have been deployed at four key places along the border in northern Maungdaw Township since Monday to help with construction of a border fence, said a source close to the army.

The source said the soldiers from four battalions were deployed on Monday to four villages – Kyin Chaung, Taungbro, Wrat Nyo Daung, and Ka Yin Chaung – which are all strategic points along the border.

About 100 soldiers from LIB 537 based in Rathidaung were deployed at Kyin Chaung Village while another 100 soldiers from LIB 552 based in Nga Kyi Dauk in Buthidaung Township were deployed to Taungbro Way (Left) located near Bangladesh’s Gon Don Village.

Another 100 soldiers from both LIB 551 and 345 based in Buthidaung were deployed to the Villages of Wra Nyo Daung and Ka Yin Chaung.

Lieutenant Colonel Maung Maung is the commander in charge of the four battalions and is stationed at Kyin Chaung Village.

Despite reports that the soldiers are being deployed to aid in the border fence construction, the soldiers were deployed to the area soon after a rumor began spreading that communal riots will take place during the New Year festivities in Arakan.

According to an army source, over 1,000 soldiers have been deployed to the western border since the border fence project started in March 2009. #
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The government has announced a decision has been made to postpone the summit to a later date, in effect cancelling it.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva declared a state of emergency in Pattaya and Chon Buri, partly to facilitate the departure of Asean VIP guests. He told a press conference Asean leaders and their dialogue partners understand the need to postpone the summit and support government action regarding Saturday’s incidents. continue


ASEAN summit with +3,+6 partners cancelled due to protest

PATTAYA, April 11 (TNA) — The three-day summit of government leaders of the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and its six Asia-Pacific region counterparts, which began began Friday and was due to end on Sunday, has been cancelled due to massive demonstrations against the Thai government, Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said on Saturday.

Mr. Abhisit said in a speech telecast live that he had declared a state of emergency in the Thai resort town of Pattaya where the summit is held as well as in provincial seat of Chon Buri after protesters stormed into the hotel.

Red-shirted supporters of the anti-government United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) gathered in front of the hotel on Friday and dispersed later.

However, they returned in full force early Saturday in a bid to torpedo the ASEAN summit with the national leaders of China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia and New Zealand..

UDD protesters demanded that Mr. Abhisit resign from his post unconditionally, dissolve the House of Representatives and organize a fresh general election.

“The government has a duty to take care of the leaders to return home,” said Mr. Abhisit.

His decision to cancel the ASEAN summit with the six dialogue partners and to impose a state of emergency came after a large number of UDD protesters, staunch supporters of convicted, ousted former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, stormed into the hotel’s convention hall Saturday.

Earlier in the day, UDD protesters also clashed with so-called ‘Blue Shirts’ as they headed for the hotel. A number of protesters were injured in the clash.

Mr. Abhisit said Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban would oversee carrying out the state of emergency which took effect immediately. (TNA)
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Myanmar’s junta deputy leader General Maung Aye has urged military officers to take responsibility for the success of elections planned for next year, a state newspaper said.

In a speech at a graduation ceremony for new officers, the general told recruits that it was their job to ensure the country’s transition to a mature democracy, the New Light of Myanmar reported.

“I would say you are responsible for the democratic transition, in cooperation with the people, to ensure the successful completion of 2010 elections,” Maung Aye told the gathering in the military town of Bahtoo in Shan State.

“Some countries have faced instability and electoral violence because political parties attacked one another in canvassing for votes… because their democracy had not been mature enough,” he was quoted as saying. Continue reading “Myanmar’s junta deputy leader General Maung Aye has urged military officers to take responsibility for the success of elections planned for next year, a state newspaper said.”

Timothy in Brief-During his service in KNU, he demanded to be upgraded him self by asking KNU EC members to recognize his so call the title “Reverend Doctor”. That proof that he is crazy for title and popularity

Timothy is abandoned child at hospital and he is adopted by Pee Grace who was a nurse. His farther is an Indian (Indian origin). Initially they lived in Thahtay Gone, Ahlone Township and migrated to Ching Mai when Timothy was around 13 years old. He continues his life there and granted Thai citizenship. Nobody knows his real mother except Pee Grace.

He is a pastor and became KNU EC members. During his service in KNU, he demanded to be upgraded him self by asking KNU EC members to recognize his so call the title “Reverend Doctor”. That proof that he is crazy for title and popularity. He declares that he is running a seminary at Ching Mai which has only the small building but no activities at all. However his living style is like a boss with luxurious equipment. His failure in KNU EC election triggered his anger to attack back KNU. One of the reasons of his failure in election is believed to be popularity and insincerity.

Later on, he team up with anti KNU persons and SPDC’s representatives. His team members are, Rev Saw Mar Gay Gyi, Prof. Saw Simon Tha, U Bla Htoo, Colonel Saw Tun Aung Myint, Dr. Rebecca Htin ( Prof Simon Thar’s wife), Dr Myint Myint San (a) Daw Paw Paw ( U Bla Htoo’s wife) & Pastor Aung Than Hnint. Their motive and strategy are clearly seen to divide KNU and KNLA followed by the split of KNLA piece to piece. continue


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