Nearly 500 Burmese soldiers have been deployed at four key places along the border in northern Maungdaw Township since Monday to help with construction of a border fence, said a source close to the army.

The source said the soldiers from four battalions were deployed on Monday to four villages – Kyin Chaung, Taungbro, Wrat Nyo Daung, and Ka Yin Chaung – which are all strategic points along the border.

About 100 soldiers from LIB 537 based in Rathidaung were deployed at Kyin Chaung Village while another 100 soldiers from LIB 552 based in Nga Kyi Dauk in Buthidaung Township were deployed to Taungbro Way (Left) located near Bangladesh’s Gon Don Village.

Another 100 soldiers from both LIB 551 and 345 based in Buthidaung were deployed to the Villages of Wra Nyo Daung and Ka Yin Chaung.

Lieutenant Colonel Maung Maung is the commander in charge of the four battalions and is stationed at Kyin Chaung Village.

Despite reports that the soldiers are being deployed to aid in the border fence construction, the soldiers were deployed to the area soon after a rumor began spreading that communal riots will take place during the New Year festivities in Arakan.

According to an army source, over 1,000 soldiers have been deployed to the western border since the border fence project started in March 2009. #
Narinjara News

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