Inner City Press: with the Secretary-General attending the [Association of Southeast Asian Nations] ASEAN trip in Thailand, does he have any comment on the unrest that’s taking place there? Does he have any kind of, I guess either guidance, I mean I know on Moldova he said things should be done peacefully. Why in Moldova and not Thailand? Is there some, is the Thailand street violence less serious or what’s the distinction?

UNITED NATIONS, April 11 — With the Thai government having been forced by protests to call off today’s ASEAN summit in Pattaya, from Laos UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s issued an “urgent” statement that “I deeply regret the postponement of the ASEAN and related summits and the consequent postponement of my attendance to the events. I understand the circumstances that led the Thai Government to take this difficult decision.”

Days earlier in New York, Ban’s spokesperson Michele Montas had been asked if she or Ban had any views or comments on the already mounting protests in Thailand. On April 8 at the UN’s noon briefing, Inner City Press asked Ms. Montas, video here —

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