A group of people in Myanmar Tuesday appealed to the United States and the European Union to lift their sanctions imposed on Myanmar.

The group, in the name of “Lifting Sanctions, Internal and External Forces, 2009 Campaign”, told a press briefing held at the City Star Hotel in Yangon that they are initiating a campaign this year involving forces at home and abroad to effect the lifting of sanctions.

In a statement issued at the press briefing, the group said ” economic sanction is an inhuman policy which delays Myanmar’s path to democracy in the transition period. Data related to the impact and loss suffered by Myanmar people due to the economic sanctions will be systematically compiled and effectively presented to the U. S. government and governments of the EU countries as well as other governments of respective countries”.

The organizer said the economic sanctions have led to the closing of about 400 factories with about 80,000 unemployed in Myanmar.

The organizer boasts that anyone who agrees with the lifting of economic sanctions belongs to its force.

The United States has imposed sanctions on Myanmar since 1997 which include suspension of economic aid, withdrawal of Myanmar from the general system of preferences and overseas private investment program, implementation of arms embargo, freezing assets from international financial institutions, downgrading of U. S. representation in Myanmar from the level of ambassador to charge d’ affaires, imposition of visa restriction of senior government officials and a ban on new investment in the country by the U.S. citizens.

The EU, along with the United States, has also imposed such sanctions which were renewed annually.

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