Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said this morning that he has received reports of yesterday’s clash between Thai and Cambodian border patrol soldiers, reiterating that the incident stemmed from miscommunication and misunderstanding over border markers.

The premier disclosed this morning that he has been briefed on the exchange of gunfire that took place early yesterday between the Thai and Cambodian forces. He has called on all relevant bodies to expediently remedy the causes for the clash and re-establish an understanding on border divisions. The PM elaborated that both forces have been charged with protecting their borders and thus accidental clashes such as yesterday’s incident are no entirely unlikely. Nonetheless, communication at all levels have been intensified to ease the situation, he said.

The PM affirmed that a framework has been put into place for negotiating the border conflict and has thus far proven efficient. Mr. Abhisit remarked that if he must personally contact his Cambodian counterpart to clear up the current matter, he will.

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