Analysis of how Tatmadaw had ruined the Myanmar economy by Dr San Oo Aung

Facts on Myanmar Military leaders’ commitment to break Myanmar’s economy_

1. Lost of trust by local people and foreigners:

in government, fear of nationalization ,
in the economic laws, Investment Law etc
in banking system, local currency.
2. Corruption, selfishness, greediness and lack of integrity at all levels of military governments.

3. No good Governance and no Rule of Law.

4. No Democratic system, no respect of Human Rights.

5. Lack of skills in administration by the Military and ex-military personnel, without any industrial, economic, managing skills nor even a basic decent education. And the brain drain of professionals due to emigration.

6. The Myanmar Military’s insistence on permanent dominance in all spheres of national life, politics, economy etc.

7. Thriving black market economy.

8. Double Foreign Currency exchange rates or existence of black market FE exchange rate.

9. Incompetent Central Command system.

11. Inadequate Fiscal control leading to spiraling inflation. continue

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