A devastating fire engulfed many buildings and houses and caused over 100 million kyat in damages in the western Burmese border town of Maungdaw yesterday evening, reports a police officer.

He said, “The fire originated inside a tea shop at about 5:30 pm and soon engulfed one government building and many other nearby buildings, including homes.”

The government tax office, Shwe Pyan Lwa tea house, a video show room, Jame restaurant, and five houses were gutted by the fire.

According to a local source, firefighters responded quickly to the blaze but were unable to control it due to inadequate equipment.

A townsperson said, “In the Maungdaw fire service, there are two fire engines, but only one truck was able to respond to the fire because the other one was unable to be driven due to the authorities not supplying enough fuel.”

The fire occurred in downtown Maungdaw and burned for at least two hours, from around 5:30 pm, until firefighters were eventually able to stop it with the help of local residents. Narinjara News

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