Update Statement of KNU on Hatgyi Dam Construction Project

March 14, 2009

1. We, the KNU, issued a statement on the construction of Hatgyi dam, dated February 13, 2006. In the statement, we called upon the external countries investing in construction of the dam to withdraw their investment, as the construction of the dam would cause massive damage to the environment, to a large area of agricultural land down stream due to salinity and bring on widespread human rights violations on local population in the forms of burning down villages, destruction of harvests, looting of property, killing of livestock, extortion of money, torture and killing of suspects, rape of women, forced relocation and forced labor by troops of the SPDC military dictatorship.

2. The dam site is in a conflict zone and near a geological fault line. Since the security and political situations have not improved, there has been no proper survey for determining the extent of the damage until now. As a result, no effective plan for limiting the damage to the environment and eliminating human rights violations can be made.

3. For the reasons given above, we again earnestly call upon the investors and the authorities concerned not to continue implementation of the project until there is a viable peace in the Karen State and in Burma.

4. The SPDC military dictatorship which has no concern for the interest of the people is attempting to hold election in 2010 and form a government according to its fraudulent State Constitution. Accordingly, the election is nothing but a scheme by the military dictatorship to hoodwink the world community and perpetuate its hold on power behind the façade of a civilian government.

5. So long as the military dictatorship remains in power in one form or another, we would like to urge justice and peace loving countries of the world to impose trade, economic, investment and financial sanctions and arms embargo on Burma.

The Executive Committee 180px-karen_national_union_flag-11

Karen National Union

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