“We are in fear of arresting and deportation. Beside that next year Thai government will not open for migrant worker registration which mean our future in this country will be more difficult .”

Women’s rights activists sought Thai gov grantee

Wednesday, 11 March 2009 22:51

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – International rights group in Chiang Mai organized an event on Sunday to commemorate International Woman Day, March 8th and call Thai government to guarantee rights of woman, include migrant woman workers from neighboring countries as a significant part of economic drives.

Hundreds of participants from several groups include Empower and Migrant Assistance Program (MAP) which are labour rights non-government organization and We Get Together which is a group of migrant woman workers gathered on Thapae Road and walked to Three King Monument in the heart of town where they organized an event in the Sunday evening.

Jackie Pollock, a founding member of the Chiang Mai-based Migrant Assistance Program , who works closely with migrant laborers in Chiang Mai called Thai government to halt policy to deport migrant worker from Burma.

“Migrant workers are important for Thailand’s economic, particularly to solve problem from global economic crisis.” She said. “So, deportation may lead the migrants worker to change destination to other countries that would be a negative impact to Thailand‘s economic.”

While, a participant from We Get Together group said that current situation of migrant worker from Burma in Chiang Mai is vulnerable because of the government restriction.
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