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အတုအေယာင္ ရီဖရင္ဒမ္ႀကီးၿပီးလို႔ ၂၀၀၉၊ ၂၀၁၀ တိုင္ ေလလိႈင္းေတြကၿမိဳင္
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ABFSU _Urgent release: Support Students demand for regular electricity supply

Urgent release for Students demand for regular electricity supply during the examination period from 2 Townships
Date: 9th March, 2009
People have always heard from the state control medias that there are huge development in natural gas projects and hydro power projects, although in practical, there is hardly electricity supply in Chin and Arakin state and people have to use the electricity in very limited ration even in big cities in Burma including Rangoon and this has broken the records of the previous years.
The lack of electricity supply has substituted with the energy consumption extracted from the forests. Therefore, the electricity problem of Burma has become the regional issue as it can bring the extinction of forests and the environment and climate changed. Actually, there have enough resources, such as natural gas, hydro power, to produce 24-hours power supply to the whole Burma for decades. However, as military regime has just emphasized on earning the foreign currency regardless of the need of domestic electricity supply, people have had to stay in darkness.
Moreover, now is the time for high-school examination in Burma, the lack of enough electricity supply even for the night time, made students to be very terrible and troublesome period. While students who are about to sit their exam cannot learn their lessons because of too much electricity going out, on the other hand, there is full power supply in military areas and it can highlight the big difference between military and civilian life.
The trouble of lack of regular electricity supply has shown the gap between the situation of people, students and that of military institution. That made public dissatisfaction and students outrage could lead to demonstrations to get regular electricity supply in Mawlamein on the night of the 6th of March and in Tontay on the 7th March, 2009.
Since the plight of students and public from Mawlamein and Tontay to get enough electricity supply can represent the all sorts of life in Burma. This is an unavoidable demonstrations for the basic need of our public, we, All Burma Federation of Student Unions – Foreign Affairs Committee (ABFSU-FAC) have comprehensively supported them and have declared that we will participate and cooperate as much as possible in these movements and consequences.
All Burma Federation of Student Unions – Foreign Affairs Committee (ABFSU-FAC)

MYANMAR: HIV awareness key among injecting drug users-Irin News

YANGON, 9 March 2009 (IRIN) – Maung Maung (not his real name) never knew he could contract HIV by sharing needles.

“I was too late,” the 37-year-old, who routinely exchanged needles with drug addicts over a 10-year period, told IRIN/PlusNews.

“When I took a blood test six months ago, I was told I was HIV-positive,” he said. Maung Maung has yet to receive ART treatment, despite being registered at the Waibagi Hospital, one of the few in Myanmar with the capacity to treat people infected with HIV.

“Whenever I think of my plight, I blame myself for not knowing more at the time,” Maung Maung said.

There are thousands of injecting drug users like Maung Maung, with little or no awareness of the risks.

Government figures suggest there are around 70,000 registered drug users in the country, with the vast majority of newly registered addicts using heroin.

But with most addicts reluctant to register with the authorities (a requirement when seeking treatment) out of fear of persecution, numbers are likely to be much higher. The UN Office on Drugs and Crime estimates up to 300,000 people may be addicts. continue http://www.irinnews.org/Report.aspx?ReportId=83379