Mizos blame Chins for HRW report

by Salai Pi Pi
Thursday, 05 March 2009 21:32

New Delhi (Mizzima) – A social organization in India’s northeastern state of Mizoram has demanded an apology from the Chin community living in the state over a report published by Human Rights Watch.

The Young Mizo Association (YMA), a social organization in Mizoram state, on Tuesday, at a meeting with at least 23 Chin organizations demanded they refute a human rights report on Mizo’s treatment of Chin published by HRW.

A Chin representative, who attended the meeting, told Mizzima that the Central YMA was enraged over the HRW’s accusation that Mizo’s have ill-treated the Chin, who fled their homes in Burma.

J H Zoremthanga, President of CYMA, in the meeting, accused the Chin leaders of misinforming the HRW on YMA’s treatment of the Chin community, living in the state.

“He [Zoremthanga] said that HRW’s report on YMA and Mizo authorities is not true and is exaggerated,” said the representative adding, “He asked us to apologize for the report.”

Human Rights Watch, in its report “We are like forgotten people”, released in January said Chin people living in western Burma have been silently suffering under the military junta’s rule and systematic persecutions have led several thousands to flee to neighbouring countries, particularly to India’s northeastern State of Mizoram. continue http://www.mizzima.com/

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