Camps for 15,000 Chinese labourers at Irrawaddy River hydropower project

With the help of the Burmese ruling junta, two firms of contractors are constructing labour camps for 15,000 Chinese at the controversial Irrawaddy River hydropower project site at Mali and N’Mai Rivers’ Confluence called Myitsone, or Mali-N’Mai Zup in Kachin, said local people. This is the biggest project in Kachin State in northern Burma.
The Myitsone hydropower project site, one of Burma’s tourist attractions is located only 27 miles north of Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin State. The project is being implemented by the Burma-Asia World Co. Ltd. and Chinese government’s China Power Investment Corporation (CPI) since early 2007.

The two companies’ labour and construction machinery camps are being built at two places near Tang Hpre, a Kachin village on the Mali-N’Mai Rivers’ Confluence while new buildings are being constructed at the place in Irrawaddy River called Lungga Zup in Kachin where Kahpre village is situated, according to residents in the project site.

Local eyewitnesses told KNG today, that the Asia World Co. Ltd. owns five acres of land space in Kahpre village and it has already built new labour camps. The camps are meant for over 15,000 Chinese construction workers and labourers from CPI in China. They will arrive in the camps in October this year, added local sources close to the two firms.

At the moment, over a hundred Chinese inspectors and labourers are working at the project site day and night, a local villager told KNG.

Later, the Chinese construction workers and labourers will stay in the camps until the 10-year Myitsone hydropower plant project is completed in 2017, said sources close to the CPI.
Now, over 50 Kachin villages around Myitsone hydropower project site are increasingly being pressurized to relocate to safer areas for fear of future dam disasters by the Asia World Co. Ltd., said villagers.
A Chinese labour camp was constructed at Myitsone in Irrawaddy River in Kachin State, northern Burma in early 2007. continue

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