Myanmar Gov’t to Provide Jobs for 10,000 Returning Unemployed Workers


Myanmar government will provide jobs for 10,000 unemployed workers, who have returned from abroad since last year-end due to global financial crisis, sources with the labor authorities said Monday.

These unemployed workers will be arranged to take up jobs in agricultural and fishery sectors, the sources said.

In December last year, Myanmar Prime Minister General Thein Sein asked the country’s citizens working abroad to come back home for jobs when they are unemployed there out of the crisis.

“As workers are still in demand in teak plantation, timber extraction, fisheries and salt industry, jobs are ready for Myanmar nationals who will come back home when they are out of work abroad,” Thein Sein then said.

“The impact of global financial crisis on Myanmar is insignificant. More jobs will emerge if the entire national people make concerted efforts in all seriousness, and this will undeniably fulfill the food, cloth, shelter needs of the people,” he said, adding that “as the nation has been able to make progress on the basis of own strength, own capital and own education and knowledge even though it has been subject to economic sanctions imposed by Western nations, it will in no way ignore the interest of the national people”.

He assured that the government’s three ministries of foreign affairs, labor and agriculture and irrigation are ready to help those who come back home on account of losing their jobs abroad.

He denied that the global financial crisis could affect the demand and products that can be exported as much as it can produce, saying that the main export markets of the country are neighboring ones in Asia and the main export items are foodstuff — rice, beans and pulses, and meat and fish.

Pointing out that Myanmar has no contact with West bloc banks and monetary organizations, he held that there will be no loss in the monetary sector as the foreign loans are few compared with other countries.

He also denied economic effect on the country as the government is building infrastructure on self-reliant basis with its own technology and money.

There are reportedly two million Myanmar workers working abroad illegally awaiting for returning home for employment.

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