Amnesty Blogs_I am now a refugee. I can’t go back to my country. I can’t go home.

My name is Wai Hnin Pwint Thon and I am a refugee from Burma. I am a student in London at the moment. I came to the United Kingdom two years ago so that I could study.

My father is called Mya Aye and he is a political prisoner in Burma. He is one of the leaders of the 88 generation group, which led protests for democracy and freedom in my country in 1988. My childhood in Burma was difficult because of my father’s political activities. When I was only five months old, my father was arrested and sentenced to 8 years imprisonment for his role of as a student leader in the 1988 uprising.

I was so young when he was arrested that I forgot who my father was. I only remembered what he looked like because my mother showed me his photograph and explained to me that he is my father and he is living somewhere, which is close to our house. I started to call the photo Daddy. Sometimes, I wondered why I could not meet him if he lives in a place close to my home. continue

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