Thugs and Thieves_The Burmese military junta has purchased 14,00,000 tins of rice from farmers in Kalemyo and 10,50,000 tins of rice from Tamu Township in Sagaing Division, upper Myanmar.

February 24, 2009: The Burmese military junta has purchased 14,00,000 tins of rice from farmers in Kalemyo and 10,50,000 tins of rice from Tamu Township in Sagaing Division, upper Myanmar.

A report said that the military authorities have ordered completion of collection of rice within this month.. Till now farmers have achieved two thirds of their target set by the authorities in Kalemyo.

Now the Burmese Army Infantry Battalion (IB) no. 89 based in Kalemyo is purchasing rice in two allocated areas, which are NatChaung, Letpanchaung, Sakhangyi and Chichai villages at Kyat 2500 per tin.

At the same time the military regime IB. 309 based in Tamu also purchased rice from some villages at Kyat 2500 a tin, said a local.

Some farmers cannot cultivate enough rice to achieve their target set by the authorities, so they have to provide Kyat 17,500 in cash per acre in place of the rice.

The military has purchased the rice from local farmers cheaply and they are using their own vehicles to carry it. But, in some villages, where vehicles cannot enter, villagers are having to carry the rice in bullock carts up to the army’s motor parking place free of charge.

The actual price of rice is Kyat 3,000 a tin in the market, but the army procured it at Kyat 2,500 a tin. The people, therefore, are very disappointed.

A local farmer said, “We know it’s not fair! But we are afraid of them; we can sell our rice at Kyat 3,000 a tin at the market price. But now we have to give them at Kyat 2,500 a tin, accounting for a discount of Kyat 500 a tin.”

“The farmers are giving seven tins of rice for every acre they cultivate. The demand is very high as we can cultivate about 50 tins of rice. Sometimes we can cultivate only 30 tins of rice from an acre of land. Cultivation is totally dependant on the weather and the season. They increase our target every year,” said a farmer in Letpanchau village.

The junta has started purchasing rice from November 2008. But there is no explanation or information to the people regarding this. – Khonumthung News

naytthit articles 24.02.

ျပည္ပႏွင့္ျပည္တြင္း မီဒီယာမ်ားဆက္ဆံေရးအၾကား
နားလည္မႈလြဲမွားေစႏိုင္ေသာအခ်က္မ်ား သတိျပဳရန္လိုေန

President Nai Shwe Kyin (Volume I) scribd Burmese by Niknayman

ဥကၠဌႀကီး ႏိုင္ေရႊက်င္ (ေတာ္လွန္ေရးသမား၊ ဒို ့မြန္ေက်ာင္းသား) – ပထမတြဲ။
မြန္ျပည္သစ္ပါတီ၏ ဥကၠဌႀကီး ႏိုင္ေရႊက်င္ အေႀကာင္း မွတ္တမ္းအျဖစ္ ႏိုင္ေဖသိန္းျဇာ မွ ေရးသားျပဳစုထားတာပါ။

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Help without Frontiers Thailand Foundation established

Our activities in Thailand have expanded significantly. Therefore it became necessary to have our legal status revised. At the same time we identified an increased interest and support of our activities by Thai citizens. As Thai organization we will have the chance to collect donations in Thailand, especially from local companies (donations in kind) and public institutions.

Help Without Foundation Thailand will be a Foundation based on Thai law and will operate independently but respecting our rules and ideals the same way HWF Austria and Germany already do (e.g. provide help without discrimination or our 100% guarantee). In exchange the Foundation obtains the right to use name, logo and Internet domain.

Our Ann Siraporn Kaewsombat has worked hard during the last months to prepare and complete all the paperwork and the formalities. She found a high ranking and skilled committee composed of lawyers, a police officer, the director of the Post Office of Mae Sot and responsibles of companies and international NGO’s. Several meetings were needed to discuss and decide on each article of the statute.

The signing of the funding act was held in a short ceremony in presence of Benno Röggla and the 12 committee members. As president was elected Miss Oranuch Letkulladilok, manager at YMCA Thailand in Bangkok. The vice president is a human right lawyer Miss Maturose Samantarat of Bangkok, while the treasurer is Mr. Boonchu Maikan, director of the Mae Sot Post Office.

Our Ann has been assigned the duty of secretary and will be responsible of all the activities of the Foundation. Her first duties is now to present all documents to the authorities to start the registration process which will be finalized at the end of this year. From this day on, HWF Thailand will be operating and will be our partner in handling and coordinating our projects along the border.

We wish our new “sister” success and many moments of joy and satisfaction.
Congratulation To Benno and New Team

Myanmar Cyclone Nargis Yangon Hub Update No. 7

(Reporting period 28 January- 11 February 2009)

– Taiwan Tzu-chi Buddhist Group will build 390 houses at San Pya Ward, Kungyangon Township. Asia World and Kyaw Thar Construction Company have been contracted to undertake the project.

– Some informally settled families (about 80) at Let Khote Kone on the outskirts of Kungyangon are requesting support in the form of latrines and other basic assistance. Durable solutions for the long-term future of these families are currently being discussed by humanitarian partners.

– The authorities in Mee Pya Village of Kyaut Tan Township are advising 172 households, currently residing on the seaside of planned embankments, to move to a designated area inside the embankments.

– On 7 February 2009 at Kungyangon, the Ministry of Health, Department of Traditional Medicine and the Nippon Foundation, Japan, distributed 500 Traditional Medicine Boxes to 500 villages in 13 townships of Yangon Division. The Deputy Minister of Energy, Brigade General Than Htay and the Chairman of Nippon Foundation, Mr. Yohei Sasakawa, attended the ceremony.

– On 10 February 2009, a ceremony was held to open 29 low cost latrines donated by Myittar Foundation for cyclone affected people of Myo Thit Road 6, Kungyangon. The Managing Director of the Ministry of Energy and the Chairman of the Township Peace and Development Council (TPDC) attended.

– The second National Immunization Day was held on 10 February 2009 in all townships and oral vaccine on polio was also given to children. The success rate was around 100%.

– A review workshop on WASH ‘To Find Ways and Means to Help Those Who Need Water’ was held on 2009 January 29 at Summit Parkview Hotel, Yangon by Myanmar NGO Network (MNN).