March 2009 2 March (1962), The darkest hellhole of military dictatorship terminating democracy and human rights by

Gen. Ne Win (Burma Socialist Program Party, BSPP / Ma Sa La, 4 July 1962) with his henchmen
Gen. Saw Maung, 18 September 1988/ Gen. Than Shwe, 23 April 1992 (State Law and OrderRestoration Council, SLORC / Na Wa Ta / Nyeinpi, 18 September 1988) and Gen. Than Shwe (State
Peace and Development Council, SPDC / Na Ah Pha, 15 November 1997).
Sao Myi Myi Thaike, son of the first president Sao Shwe Thaike, younger brother of Eugene and
elder to Harn, first democracy martyr was killed by Burmese soldiers

Burma Freedom Calendar

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