Artillery Battalion Shifter to Northern Arakan from Burma Proper

Buthidaung: An artillery battalion was recently moved to northern Arakan from Burma proper to provide reinforcement of military forces on the western Burmese border, said a military source.
Artillery Battalion 378 was re-stationed in the Tet Min Chaung area, a few miles from downtown Buthidaung in northern Arakan.

The battalion was reportedly shifted along with heavy arms and tanks from Rangoon Division last month. Local sources confirmed that the artillery battalion arrived at Buthidaung from Rangoon last month along with heavy artillery, including several cannons that have been placed on army vehicles.

The army authority confiscated a plot of land for the battalion about one mile square from local farmers. A witness said that many buildings have been constructed on the land and many heavy arms are being placed there.

The military authority is currently building the strength of the military in the area of western Burma with army battalions and other government forces.

According to an army source, 13 battalions, including LIBs 551, 552, 345, 352,353, 535, 536,565,564 and 537, are already stationed in Buthidaung Township along with the No. 15 Military Operation Planning Bureau and No. 3 Military Tactical Planning Bureau. The military authority is also constructing a military airbase in the area.

The military analyst said that the Burmese military government has extended troops along the western border recently despite that there are no strong insurgent groups in the area. It is believe that the reinforcements are intended to balance the scale of power with neighboring Bangladesh.

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