One of the main problems in the delta is the lower number of aid groups because it is difficult to work freely and negotiate between donors and the military government.

At least four years for full recovery from Nargis devastation: UN
by Solomon
Tuesday, 27 January 2009 20:34

New Delhi (Mizzima) – It will take at least four years for Cyclone Nargis affected people to recover despite the large sum of funds planned, according to the country head of the United Nation in Burma.

Bishow Parajuli, the representative of the UN Development Programme (UNDP), told Mizzima by email that recovery of the cyclone affected areas have continued along with the need for fund and support from all communities.

“This (fully recovery) will take some years, say around four years,” said Parajuli who has 25 years of experience managing humanitarian and development programmes. However, it will not be possible without the continued commitment and support from all stakeholders, including the authorities of Myanmar and the international community,” he said.

The ruling junta changed the country name from Burma to Myanmar in 1989. Cyclone Nargis which lashed Irrawaddy delta and Rangoon in May 2 and 3 killed nearly 138,400 killed and rendered millions homeless.

“Experience of the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia, has showed us that after the urgent relief phase is over; recovery efforts are required up to today,” said Parajuli. “It is expected that an equal number of years also will be needed for Myanmar.” continue

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