Despite his defence of the Thai armed forces and related security agencies in their treatment of the migrants, Mr. Abhisit, conceded that there might be some Thai officials involved with human trafficking syndicates, and said that he had ordered an investigation into the matter.

Thailand wants UN refugee agency in regional meeting on Rohingyas
BANGKOK, Jan 27 (TNA) – Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva advised on Tuesday that the United Nations’ refugee agency be invited to join the recently proposed regional talks involving countries most concerned with resolution of the issue of ethnic Muslim minority Rohingya migrants from Myanmar.

The Thai foreign ministry said its proposal to host the meeting with countries affected by the flow of intending migrants had received positive responses from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, India and Bangladesh.

Mr. Abhisit said he had discussed with the foreign ministry the possibility of inviting the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to join the regional meeting in an attempt to tackle the problem at its root cause.

“The UNHCR should be invited to join the proposed meeting as the Rohingya problem is a transnational issue and Thailand is not the cause of the problem,” Mr. Abhisit said.

The Thai premier made his remarks following recent foreign media reports about Rohingya migrants allegedly being mistreated by the Royal Thai Navy before being pushed back into international waters in the Andaman Sea. continue

Myanmar to help Thailand on Rohingyas minority

Help? Helping hand will send them to labour camps…

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