NCGUB appoints three new ministers

Jan 26, 2009 (DVB)–The exiled Members of Parliament Union of Burma has appointed three new ministers to the National Coalition Government of Burma and reappointed Sein Win as prime minister at its fourth conference in Dublin.

The new appointments on 24 January bring the number of cabinet ministers in the government in exile to seven.
Thaton MP Khun Myint Tun, Tatkon representative Win Hlaing and Tun Win of the Arakan League of Democracy will join Sein Win and current ministers Bo Hla Tint of Moegok, Dr Tint Swe from Pale and Khoo Marko Ban from Pekon.
The individual responsibilities of the new ministers have not yet been outlined.
Sein Win said the decision to expand the cabinet was based on the policy of standing firm to uphold the result of the 1990 elections, and called for inclusive activities and public movements to take place before the junta’s planned 2010 elections. continue

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