Thailand- Foreigners warned of lese majeste charge leading to serious penalty

The Justice Ministry prepares to coordinate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on publicizing Thailand’s serious penalties on lese majeste commitments among foreigners.

Following Australia’s request via the Foreign Ministry for royal amnesty to the convicted Australian journalist Harry Nicholas (แฮรี่ นิโคลัส), who was sentenced to three years in jail on a lese majeste charge, Justice Minister Peerapan Saleerattawipak (พีระพันธุ์ สาลีรัฐวิภาค) stated that presently no contacts have been initiated by the Foreign Ministry regarding the matter. However, all inmates have legal rights to seek royal amnesty as allowed by regulations of the Department of Corrections, which is in charge of submitting the request to the Justice Ministry for further actions.

Concerning lese majeste crime in Thailand, Mr. Peerapan indicated that the Justice Ministry has established coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as Thai embassies in foreign countries to disseminate information on seriousness of lese majeste laws in Thailand and the nation’s harsh punishments against violators.


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