Burma Voices from BDC Poem

bv1 23.January

I have not read the news, I dont get a newspaper, nor have I seen TV in over a year.
Yet still voices echo against stone and concrete walls, voices
that make no sound yet cry out in solitude.
Forced labor, imprisonment, furnaces in vain attempts to burn the proof of the
truth of so many lives taken….
I cannot go to visit Burma as tourist…
I am a man of Peace. Would not the same fate befall me?!
I hear these voices, and wish those in isolation would also know,
they are not alone, I am with them.
Nothing is done behind closed doors that is not known to all that exists.
The tighter those doors are closed to keep out the eyes of the world,
the louder the voice becomes to the eyes of the total of all that is.
So what is thought to be hidden, balances, and shouts to that which created
No pain that is inflicted in isolated forests or locked cells,
goes unknown but the more hidden the more it shouts and is HEARD.
What things are being built of forced labors, that I may learn of them and not
contribute to their gains? Pipelines and Palaces I will not support by buying
nor visiting for the burden that was put on the people is to much to bear.
I bear witness ever single day to the suffering of innocents.
My prayers for them, are for myself, that I may some day
know a day
of peace.

by Tree Thunderchild

Thanks to Tree Thunderchild for his supportive words for Burma epic through the poetic hands


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