Democracy Activist Released After 5-Month Interrogation

Democracy Activist Released After 5-Month Interrogation

Sittwe: A democracy activist from Sittwe was recently released after five months in detention for interrogation about his involvement in the 2007 Saffron Revolution in Sittwe, reported a relative of the activist.
“He was released from detention early this month, but he had to sign on paper agreeing not to be involved in the future in any anti-government protests,” he said.

The released activist is U Saw Hla Maung from Mizan Ward in Sittwe, the Arakan State capital. He was arrested by a military intelligence unit in August 2008 after he came out of hiding to return to his home.

“He was hiding in unknown locations for many months after the Saffron Revolution due to fear of arrest by the Burmese military authority. But at last he was arrested in his residence after he returned back home,” the relative added.

U Saw Hla Muang is a master of traditional unarmed self-defense arts and led people from Sittwe in protests during the Saffron Revolution in 2007.

There is no further information about why he was released from detention without further imprisonment or charges.

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