Change in USA, How about Our Exile Government?

– by Ko Htun Aung Gyaw
We witnessed the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th President of the United States today on January 20th, 2009. George W Bush’s two terms of Presidency has ended on the same day. Americans have shown the world that their democracy has prevailed, transferring the political power from the Republican Party’s President to its rival Democratic Party’s President in a smooth and civilized transition. It is very pleasant to see the former and the incoming president shake hands and wave to the public together. Do we have this maturity is a question today.

While watching the TV screen, I wonder how it will turn out for the Dublin’s MPU conference. Both Dr.Sein Win’s gang and MPU’s gang led by Daw San San will either reach a solution to form a broader progressive exile government or split into two groups and form two governments. We will see in the near future.

Dr. Sein Win led NCGUB for 18 years without progress and made many activists frustrated and lose trust in NCGUB. On the other hand NCUB is not united within its own, two groups are competing each other. One group FDB is led by Ko Naing Aung and other group is led by NCUB’s General Secretary Ko Maung Maung and MPU Vice Chairperson Daw San San.

FDB is a group of seven organizations which have close relationship with Dr.Sein Win. When Ko Maung Maung initiated the Credential Challenge, Dr. Sein Win refused to sign. Also Ko Naing Aung’s group did not support the CC. On the other hand Daw San San and MPU members fully supported CC initiative. continue

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