CID still interrogates counterfeit banknote makers in Myawaddy

Wed 21 Jan 2009, Hong hakao, IMNA
After arresting of 4 persons who were suspected involving in making Burmese currency counterfeit banknotes on November 23, 2008, the Burmese regime authorities from Criminal Investigation Department has been still interrogating the suspects in Myawaddy, a border town with Thailand.

Accordingly to female clerk from Myawaddy Criminal Court, the four suspects are Saw Min Kha (or Maung Myo 26 years old) from Myaing Kyi Ngu DKBA GHQs in Hlaing-bwe Township; and the other 3 persons – Sai Myo Win (27 years old), Min Thein Oo (36 years old) and Saw Aung Htoo (37 years old) from No. 4 Suburb in Myawaddy Town.

“In this town’s criminal, we can not handle the trial that can put down over 7 years imprisonment. For this case which we have to transfer to District Criminal Count. Since we move the criminal suspects on December 22, I think the District authorities will handle the case” said, the female clerk.

“Police Chief Htay Lwin himself handled this case and interrogates the criminal suspects. He is from Insein Criminal Investigation Department (Rangoon)” said another male clerk from Myawaddy District Criminal Court.

Accordingly to the clerk, the police officers arrested Saw Min Kha and Sai Myo Win in their rented house in No. 4 Suburb and arrested Min Thein Oo in a bike repairs service center on Asia High Way (from Maesot of Thailand to Moulmein of Burma). Then, they also arrested Saw Aung Htoo in his house in No. 4 Suburb.

Accordingly to clerk, these 4 persons produced counterfeit banknotes of Burmese currency in a house in No. 4 Suburb of Myawaddy. The police officers searched in the house and could seize over one thousand pieces of 1000-Kyat banknotes, about 220 sheets of 1000-Baht Thai currency banknotes, 25 sheets of uncut sheets of 1000-Kyat banknotes printing papers, one computer, one printer and a color ink toner.

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