THAILAND-Australian writer gets three years in prison for lese majeste

Australian writer gets three years in prison for lese majeste
Reporters Without Borders
20 January 2009

Reporters Without Borders condemns the three-year prison sentence which Australian writer Harry Nicolaides received today from the Bangkok criminal court on a charge of lese majeste under article 112 of the criminal code for briefly alluding in a novel to the way King Bhumipol’s son treated one of his mistresses. Nicolaides pleaded guilty and asked the court to show clemency.

“Nicolaides was given the lightest sentence envisaged under the lese majeste law but this is nonetheless a serious violation of free expression.” Reporters Without Borders said. “The growing number of arrests on lese majeste charges and Nicolaides conviction today are disturbing developments that confirm our of fear of a dangerous politicisation of lese majeste, which is now apparently being used to silence people. We call for a review of Nicolaides’ case and his rapid release.” continue
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