Hillary Shuns Burma

Buffalohair Gazette International
19 Jan 2009

Dismay and shock are the only way to describe how the political exiles and refugees from Burma felt whence Hillary made her dubious speech as a new Secretary of State.

The reality of Hillary and Bill Clinton has become obvious to the Burmese community as Hillary deliberately side stepped the issue of Burma. Only under her breath did she mention Aung San Suu Kyi and it became all too apparent she was pandering to China, Bill Clinton’s cash cow.

Since the day President Bill Clinton gave China Favored Nation Status the Clinton’s were in the pocket of China as well as other tyrannical third world countries. The Clintons and the Bush’s have been involved with the Barrick Gold Company of Canada for decades and at the expense of the citizens of the nations Barrick and their private army encroached on. Barrick has been notorious for lining the pockets of dictators in an effort to glean the yellow metal. Barrick bought influence with the BLM to glean gold from the Western Shoshone of Nevada leaving the tribe with little recourse.

The selection of Hillary as Secretary of State sent an ominous message to the struggling people of not only Africa but the America’s. Now the people of Burma the feel betrayal the Clintons are infamous for. There will be no help from Hillary for she is in the pocket of China and their ruthless campaign of terror and slave labor camps filled with innocent people such as members of the Falon Gong. China’s cottage industry of slave labor and death has been mimicked by Than Shwe of Burma and his weapons of destruction come from China with blessings. The Clinton’s are only loyal to the corporate bottom line, the fabled One World Order and Globalization.

Surely you remember the Falon Gong organization. China’s slave labor camps have a burgeoning population of approximately 80 million people, 50 million of which are Falon Gong members. Subjected to torture, rape and murder healthy prisoners are also used for organ harvesting in China’s ghoulish human body parts industry. And they have the blessing of the Clinton’s, part and parcel. Sadly US shelves are filled with goods manufactured by slave labor and the blood of Chinese citizens.

This is the competitive edge China basks in as a favored nation, thanks to the Clinton’s. In all probability Bill Clinton’s donations list reads like a who’s who in human rights violations and it’s a sure bet the Clintons are invested in tyranny in Asia. http://buffalohair-jage.com/WP-BGI/

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