65year prison Nilar Thein’s health deteriorates

New Delhi (Mizzima) – Family members of Nilar Thein, serving a 65-year prison term, are anxious about her health on hearing that she has peptic ulcer.

The famous woman leader belonging to the 88 Generation Students is suffering from peptic ulcer and vomiting almost daily in prison, some prisoners, who have just been released from Thayet prison, told her family members. She has not been allowed to meet her family members for over a month.

“We could not meet her for nearly two months and don’t know about her health condition. Now we are worried about her health after hearing she is vomiting almost daily. She is said to have peptic ulcer and is being kept in solitary confinement. We heard about her health through some who have just been released from prison,” her mother-in-law told Mizzima.

It is learnt that her family members will ask the prison authorities for a meeting with her.

“She has been kept in a cell since her arrival in prison. The prison doctor saw her but did not treat her. He just advised her to go in for meditation and tell her beads,” said Zaw Lin, who has just been released from Thayet prison. Moreover two prisoners were punished and put in fetters for 15 days for giving her religious books, he said.

Nilar Thein is one of the leading figures among 88 Generation Students and played a pivotal role in the 2007 saffron revolution. Soon after the brutal crack down on the saffron revolution, she was on the run to evade arrest by the junta authorities. She was finally arrested on September 10 by the junta.

Earlier, she was punished twice for her political activities for two months in 1991 and for nine years in 1996. Her husband Kyaw Min Yuu a.k.a. Jimmy is also an 88 Gen Student leader and was arrested on 21 August 2007 along with his colleagues. He is also serving a 65-year prison term.

Nilar Thein (R) with her husband Jimmy (a) Kyaw Min Yu and infant daughter.

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