MON NEWS- Largest Mon political party will not participate in 2010 elections

Mon 19 Jan 2009, Arka, Rai Maraoh, and Mi Kyae Goe
The New Mon State Party (NMSP) will not participate in Burma’s 2010 elections. The decision comes after the group held a two-week long Party Congress at NMSP Central Headquarters in Ye Township, Mon State. The Congress concluded on January 17th.

The refusal to participate in the election is based upon opposition to Burma’s constitution, NMSP party spokesman Nai Ong Mange told IMNA on Monday. “If the SPDC does not change their constitution, it is difficult for the NMSP to accept. Because the constitution is not suitable for Mon people and their lives,” he said. “We are not fully against the election – if they fix the constitution. If the government changes some parts of the constitution, the NMSP will consider whether to participate. If they do not change the constitution, the party will not join.”

An official supporting vote of over 90% approved Burma’s constitution in May 2008 referendum. The referendum process – and the constitution itself – have been internationally condemned as wildly undemocratic. “The Problem with the constitution is that it doesn’t let people organize or talk freely. If Burma becomes a democracy, its people still will not be able to organize or talk freely,” said Nai Ong Mange. A day earlier, NMSP General Secretary Nai Hongsa also told the BBC that the document’s built in obstacles to amendment made it unacceptable. continue

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