Thailand plans investigation into immigrant deaths

Earthtimes- Bangkok – Thailand’s government is investigating reports that a boatload of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and Myanmar were set adrift in an overcrowded boat by border officials in December, allegedly resulting in many deaths, the foreign ministry said Friday. Thailand remains committed to “humanitarian principles,” even in the face of the “increasing urgency” and the “increasing size” of human trafficking in the region, the statement added.
Human rights groups have condemned Thai officials for allegedly forcing hundreds of immigrants into a boat with very little water or food last month, in an apparent backlash to large numbers of migrants seeking to land in Thailand.
Indian authorities reported finding 105 people on the boat near the Andaman Islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean last month. The boat occupants told the Indian authorities that more than 300 people had jumped into the sea to try to swim ashore after the boat had drifted for a fortnight. The vessel was no more than 25 metres long, with no protection from the sun, according to reports. continue,thailand-plans-investigation-into-immigrant-deaths.html

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