Eight Myanmar NGOs receive new grants from the Three Diseases Fund

Eight Myanmar NGOs receive new grants from the Three Diseases Fund

Source: United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)
Date: 16 Jan 2009

Friday, 16 January 2009 – In a signing ceremony held in Yangon on 16 January in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Health (MoH), eight Myanmar non-governmental organizations working with communities to fight Tuberculosis, Malaria and HIV and AIDS received from the Three Diseases Fund (3DF) new grants of US$70,000 each for one year.

Nevertheless, more resources are needed to control the three diseases in Myanmar. The 3DF contributes to 50 per cent of anti-retroviral treatment (ART) in the country for some 5500 patients and to 37 per cent of the national response to HIV with US$14 million over a budget of US$38 million.

Malaria control is even more challenging: with US$5.1 million covering 75 per cent of the national response, the 3DF helps reducing the burden of the disease for 5 per cent of the population living in endemic Malaria areas 39 million people).

For TB the 3DF provides 46 per cent of the resources. By funding the transportation of TB drugs nationwide, it helps giving broad access to treatment.

The Union of Myanmar has now put forward a new application to the Global Fund (Round 9).

3DF key achievements 2008 (update status: 30 June)

– people received voluntary counselling and testing 96,020

– drug users participating in prevention activities 28,852

– patients on anti-retroviral treatment 5,530 (of which 270 children)

– population at risk of malaria protected with bednets 836,644

– malaria cases treated 117,008

– new sputum smear positive TB cases detected 20,162

btw,what,s about the Junta and their Cronies money?

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