Mon News from HURFORM 15.01.2009 Woman raped,girl raped….Police harassing Mon women legally working in Thailand

logo Mon woman lured to Malaysia, raped
WCRP: A woman from Mon State was repeatedly raped by a Burman man who had promised her a job at his guesthouse and clothes store on Penan island, Malaysia. The woman became pregnant to the man, and was then forced to abort the child.
In May 2008, the Burman man persuaded a 24 year-old single woman from Thanbyuzayat Township, to migrate to Malaysia to work in his store. Upon arrival in Malaysia, she was told that he could no longer afford to employ her. She was instead, everyday, held down with robes and raped by the man. “After three months of this horrendous abuse, she became pregnant to her perpetrator,” said her uncle. The man then forced her to abort her pregnancy using a medical treatment that caused her much physical pain.
Mon woman gang raped by a group of Burmese Army Soldiers
WCRP: On August 13th 2008, A group of 25 Burmese soldiers from Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) No. 282 raped a 50 year old woman in Yebyu Township. An anonymous migrant worker in Yebyu Township confirmed that “Mi Jay Son [name changed for the source’s protection] was arrested for being affiliated with a rebel army group.”
Mi Jay Son is the wife of a village leader in their village. Mi Jay Son, along with her family and five other villagers, were accused of helping Nai Chan Dain, the leader of an armed rebel group, to fight against the military government. continue

Mon Woman Raped by Mon Migrant Worker WCRP:In November 2008, Mi Kyi Kyi (not real name), a 16 year-old Mon women, was raped by a Mon migrant worker.
Mi Kyi Kyi was sharing a room temporarily with a friend in the house of 18 year-old Nai Chan, when he found her alone in her room and raped her.
When Mi Kyi Kyi’s roommate shifted to another house, she was left alone in the previously shared room. Once alone, Nai Chan entered her room uninvited, and asked her to marry him. When she refused, Nai Chan raped the young woman. Nai Chan is employed to sell oranges and lives in Wanka village, Sangkhlaburi district, Kanchanaburi province, Thailand. continue
Police harassing Mon women legally working in Thailand
WCRP: Thai police or men posing as Thai police are harassing migrant workers from Burma, say workers in Mahachi, Samut Sakorn Province, Thailand. Workers are arrested, sexually assaulted and made to pay bribes for their release regardless of whether they have visas or work permits.
In November, Thai police arrested Mi Su, 27, as she walked to work at 4 am. According to Nai Aie Lawi Mon, from the Labor Rights Promotion Network, the victim possesses a work permit but, unluckily, forgot it that morning. continue
10-year-old girl raped by ex-soldier in Ye Township WCRP: A ten-year-old girl in Han Gan village, Ye Township, was raped by an ex-soldier in December. The ex-soldier is under arrest after he escaped and was re-captured at the railway station in Ye Town.
The victim was staying at the perpetrator’s house along with approximately 50 other students attending evening tutoring sessions with his wife. On December 14th, the wife left to visit her parents in Moulmein. The children, unsure of whether she would return in time for the lesson, came to the home anyway to study and then sleep.
According to an account published by the Independent Mon News Agency, the ex-soldier picked the young girl up as she slept, carried her to his room, covered her mouth with his hand and raped her. The next day, he came to the victim’s home to tell her to attend the evening class again, though he kept his wife’s continued absence a secret.

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